COVID 19 Temporary/Short-Term Positions

District Wide
Job Description

MSAD 54, Skowhegan Area Schools, has the following full-time positions available for the 2020-2021 school year. These temporary/short-term positions are currently either 1 year positions, or run through December 30th only, to assist schools during the current COVID situation and do not take the place of existing positions.

Teacher Aides

These temporary employees will assist teaching staff and provide needed support to teachers and building staff as a result of the COVID situation.  These positions can be flexible (daily, hourly) we encourage anyone interested to apply.  $15 per hour without benefits.

Duty Monitors

These temporary employees will assist schools with the necessary additional COVID related duties and procedures of monitoring students during school.  These positions can be flexible (daily, hourly); we encourage anyone interested to apply.  $18 per hour without benefits.

Daily Substitute Teachers

These employees will primarily substitute for classroom teachers who need support due to the COVID situation, and will assist with other additional duties as necessary.   These positions are a direct result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and is above and beyond regular normal substitute teaching positions.  Positions run through December 30th and pay is $125 per day without benefits.

Parent/Community Volunteers (Paid or Unpaid)

These trained paid and unpaid volunteers will support the building principal and teaching staff with additional tasks as needed by each school, as a result of regulations/restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic.  Volunteer time is flexible and we encourage anyone interested to apply.  $13.50 per hour without benefits.

Van Drivers

Additional part time van driving positions needed as a result of COVID 19 transportation protocols. $13.75 per hour without benefits.

Technology Support Staff

These employees will support our technology department in the management and execution of projects directly related to the COVID pandemic including infrastructure and deployment/management of devices to support remote learning.  Schedules are flexible.  Experience in IT, specifically with Apple products, is preferred.  Competitive pay/benefit package commensurate with project/experience.


If interested, please submit:

Application –

Cover letter


Current CHRC 

Applications close when suitable candidates have been selected. Only complete applications will be considered.


Submit Application to

MSAD 54 Superintendent’s Office

Attn:  Tracey Foster

196 W. Front Street

Skowhegan, ME  04976