Comic Summary

The sixth grade classes of Ms. Theriault and Mr. Currie at the Canaan Elementary School have been learning about Digital Citizenship. There are many topics covered in this unit of study, and one particular one is all about Cyberbullying. Students have learned to identify Cyberbullying and understand that there are bullies, victims, bystanders and upstanders. In this assignment, students were asked to create a scenario that clearly represents Cyberbullying or constant harassment/threatening using a digital device. The target or victim's feelings were to be clearly conveyed. They have created their scenes in Comic Life. In the scenarios, students were asked to show the problem and pose possible solutions.

Tandberg Equipment For Collaboration:

Ms. Theriault and Mr. Currie’s students shared their Comic Life projects with 7th & 8th graders at the Skowhegan Area Middle School. They explained the nature of cyberbullying and the middle-level students got to ask questions. After the Tandberg session, the students began to learn more about cyberbullying and for their final project, they created Public Service Announcements made in iMovie on their State-issued Laptops. They were able to reconnect with the students in Ms. Theriault’s room and share again.