Parent Opportunities

Observe a Reading Session

Parents of students who receive Title I services are invited to observe their child as they work with their Reading Recovery or Title I educator. Parents can call the school or send a note to the educator to schedule the observation. A parent observation offers many advantages, some of which are:

  • the student sees their parent interested and involved with their education
  • the parent can see how their child and educator work together
  • the educator and parent have an opportunity to discuss progress and concerns

School Information Meetings

In the early weeks of school each fall, parents of Title I students can attend and meet with Reading Recovery and Title I educators at the school open house or a Title I parent meeting. This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions and receive information about Title I programs.

Before school ends each spring, Title I parents are invited to a reading celebration of their student’s progress.

In addition to these meetings, parents of Title I students are encouraged to keep in contact with their child’s educators throughout the year.