Student Engagement Survey


This year RSU #54 activated its Dropout Prevention Committee. The committee is charged with developing strategies to reduce the District dropout rate and to improve student attendance and engagement at all grade levels. Students cannot succeed and thrive if they drop out, are habitually absent, or are not fully engaged in the learning process. An essential part of this undertaking requires us to develop a more comprehensive understanding of why students drop out of school, why chronic absenteeism is so prevalent, and why too many students are not fully invested in their education.

In an effort to better understand the dynamics that cause student dropout and absenteeism, our committee has created a survey designed to identify key factors that play a role in a student’s decision to abandon school and disengage from learning. By developing a better understanding of these factors, we hope to lay  a foundation that will allow us to begin the process of designing and implementing strategies to address this complex and frustrating problem. Our committee will share the results of this survey with District staff and in addition we ask for your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions in helping us to address this difficult dilemma.

Please read to students prior to survey administration.

This survey will be completed by district students in grades 5 through 12. These questions are being asked so that we might better understand the reasons students either attend, avoid or struggle in school. This survey is anonymous, so no one will know how you answered the questions.

We ask that you take time completing this survey. It is important that you answer each question thoughtfully and completely.

What you think does matter and we appreciate your time and effort. The information that you provide to us will be used to make changes that will reduce absenteeism and keep all students in school and engaged in learning. Working together we can create a better learning environment and experience for all District students.

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