Technology Integration SAHS

Standards for Global Learning in the Digital Age

Educational technology standards are the roadmap to teaching effectively and growing professionally in an increasingly digital world. Technology literacy is a crucial component of modern society. In fact, the globalizing economy and technological advances continue to place a premium on a highly skilled labor force.

Education Must Change

As technology dramatically changes our society, educators need to demonstrate the skills and behaviors of digital-age professionals. Competence with technology is the foundation.

  • Societies are changing
  • Expectations are changing
  • Teaching is changing
  • Educators must lead

Transforming Learning Environments with Technology

Today’s educators must provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities. Technology standards promote this classroom transformation by ensuring that digital-age students are empowered to learn, live, and work successfully today and tomorrow.

Technology Integration Informational Resources

Digital Literacy & Usage Resources

SAHS/MSAD54 Resources

How-To Guides

Proficiency Based Education Resources

"Technology integration is the use of technology resources—computers, digital cameras, CD-ROMs, software applications, the Internet, etc—in the daily practices of a classroom and in the management of a school. It is the transparent use of these tools that demonstrates integration. It is when the use of technology is routine. Technology integration is when a child or a teacher doesn't stop to think that he or she is using a computer or researching via the Internet." VHS, Inc. Copyright © 1996-2009

Interactive Board Lessons

Interactive Board Lessons (Scholastic)
Find pre-made lessons & resources through Scholastic
Promethean: ClassFlow
Find pre-made lessons & resources through Promethean
Find pre-made lessons & resources through SMART

Interactive Lessons

Discovery Education - Movies and lessons
Nova - Science-related resources
Socrative - Teachers interact with students
The Answer Pad - Easily interact with students & grade tests
Weebly K-5 - Interactive lessons designed for grades K-5

Lesson Planning

cK-12 - STEM resources
Common Sense - Media and Technology Resources for Teachers
Education Oasis - Resources for teachers made by teachers
Easy TestMaker - FREE online test generator
Maine Learning Results - Information and the Document
PBS Learning Media - PBS-related resources to create lessons
Pedagogy Wheel - Great infographic showing technology resources to reinforce pedagogy
StoryCorpsU - Resources related to telling stories
Survey Monkey - Create Online Surveys
Zunal Webquest Creation - Create & use webquests

Tutorial Sites

Atomic Learning - Learning Management System to purchase
BrightStorm - Math, Science, & English video lessons
Khan Academy - Video tutorial lessons, connects to SAT

Web Search Tools

Creative Commons - Search for fair use materials
Pic Search - Image search engine

Outlining/Mind Mapping

Bubbl.Us - Simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.
My Webspiration - Free Online Mindmapping
WordCloud Generator - Create word clouds


Diigo - Web-based bookmarking page
Porta Portal - Create your own bookmarking page
Social Bookmarking Video - Note: Delicious is no longer active, but good concepts

Video Tools

PlayPosit - Teaching and Learning with YouTube
Screencast-O-Matic - Create screencasts with picture-in-picture option
Teacher Tube - Movies and other Educational Resources
VixyNet - Online FLV Converter, Works withYouTube
ZamZarr - Online file converter

Other Tools

Cometdocs - Convert PDFs
Note Star - Enhancing Research Skills for Student Achievement